3Game Analysis – Winning with Team Defense

Opponent’s total points and scoring efficiency is reduced by about 20% across the board when Jeremy Lin is off the bench. So, the obvious conclusion to make is that Jeremy improves overall team defense.

Below is a chart explaining teams’ results broken down by Rockets scoring (top) and Opponents scoring (bottom).when Jeremy is on and off the court normalized to 36 minutes.






Not listed on the chart is pace.  Rocket’s pace is slower when Jeremy is on the court at 94 versus 98 when he’s not on the court.  So, this is explained by how Houston took less overall scoring attempts when Jeremy is on court.

Though pace slows down with Jeremy on court, scoring per possession is optimized with better scoring efficiency across the board.  Most notably, total distance from basket when making a 2 pointer (2PTD) is reduced by about 30% from 6ft to 4ft.

Stat Source: http://www.nbawowy.com

3game Analysis

  • webattorney

    Lin definitely does make Rocket’s pace go faster; even for that reason alone, I think Lin makes Rockets better.

    • http://etane.net/ etane

      Houston definitely moves faster when Lin is not on the bench. As for pace, it’s specifically defined as: 48 * ((Tm Poss + Opp Poss) / (2 * (Tm MP / 5))). I think it pretty much explains how many times the ball has changed possessions in a game. And, the pace “slows down” when Lin is on the court.

  • alcsd

    I thought you don’t like stats….? You’ve changed bro….