Preseason Game 4 Rockets vs Referees

Quick notes of blown calls that, curiously, all went in favor for the Mavs.

Q1 4:45 No call on Dalembert hitting Howard’s elbow on putback off rebound.
Q1 6:24 Phantom foul on Howard against Dalembert when fighting for rebound. They didn’t even make contact with each other.
Q2 7:43 No call on Dirk after hammering Garcia on a lay up attempt. Think the refs even reviewed the play but didn’t change the no call.
Q2 9:37 Foul called on Dirk for clotheslining Lin to stop him from getting a lay up. However, I think that should have been a flagrant/technical foul.

Other notes:

Harden only got 4 free throws. Probably because Ellis was guarding Harden so, 1) Harden doesn’t get super star foul calls because Ellis is also a super star 2) Ellis is smaller than Harden, so it’s harder for Harden to initiate contact and make it look like he got fouled by the defender. Rather, Harden gets called for offensive foul when trying to initiate contact with Ellis.

Dirk finally got called for flagrant when he hammered Casspi on a drive. The refs finally got 1 out of 3 calls right on Dirk’s rough play. Turns out after the game, Dirk got suspended for the hard contact on Casspi. Maybe it’s because the AIPAC wrote in to complain about the foul on Casspi but the hard fouls on Lin and Garcia’s drives were not reviewed after the game.