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    ube_ gen

    Creating this site was totally on a lark. I got sick last week and couldn’t really move around so got plenty of time on my hands. I peruse and even participate at another Jeremy Lin fan blog where there are lots of participants but often there resulting in disagreements which evolved into personal attacks. So, I thought it would be interesting to create my own blog. At first I thought it would be a nice change of venue for those who were tired of the personal attacks but realistically it’s really me avoiding people I don’t want to deal with.

    In any case, I didn’t put too much thought into creating this site before hand. Never created a blog or website before so just wanted to get my hands dirty as quickly as possible. Signed up with a host, purchased a domain and off I go. Error #1, I didn’t think of a site name before purchasing a domain. I really just wanted to get started as soon as possible as I had no idea what it takes to start a web blog not just a simple one but a dynamic one. So, had to experiment with what is out there first hand.

    My pen name is etane morh, as a short story writer in my previous life for interest, so that’s the domain name I took. Afterwards, I played with various blog platforms and found to be more to my liking as it’s easier for a non-coder like me to install all the functions as well as easily create the aesthetics I like. And, one of the very last thing I did is come up with a site name.

    So, if I had to do it again, I would come up with a site name first. Anyways, I went with “The Jeremy Lin Show” first that is until I googled it and found it is already being used by a youtube channel. I thought up “The Jeremy Linteligence” while I was taking a shower. I thought the name is very clever and really suits the theme of the blog. However, turns out someone else is already using the name “Jeremy Lintelligence” for their fansite blog.  This blog is actually pretty good and especially like Mr.PingPong’s comments.

    Yah, my site name isn’t very original but it will have to do for now.  Definitely would like to have used a different domain name instead of using my pen name if not for creative but also functional purpose as I probably committed the biggest SEO faux pas ever.  If this site takes off, I might invest in a new domain and try to transfer the content over to the new domain.  Chances are that I might lose enthusiasm for this site before it has a chance to take off.  I don’t think my content is original nor compelling.

    I just hope the platform is user friendly for game discussion and even about non-basketball specific topics which generally is a sign that the blog/forum is successful in culturing some sort of camaraderie.



    Nice work done. Yes, like you said, there are couple jlin fan sites out there already. Your site is  actually quite user friendly and dynamic. The thing is that, people tend to get used to the fan site they are visiting and commenting there, they tend to stay there and unlikely to “move”.  You are also right that, perhaps, you should think of a better domain name in the future, that is more searchable in google. With that said, “etane” is not a bad site name though. :)

    “Chances are that I might lose enthusiasm for this site before it has a chance to take off.  I don’t think my content is original nor compelling.”

    Yea, like I said, there are some jlin fan sites out there already, case is that, you guys probably will updating the same thing. :) Was hoping, you can have like a personal blog sort of things. :)

    Anyway, good job done on this one.



    ube_ gen

    Thanks, Unknown!  Feedback is appreciated.  I will try not to post the same’ole as the other sites do.

    I am not one to be fascinated by entertainment especially sports entertainment as I rather play sports than watch them on TV.  So, starting a sports centric blog is very unlike me.  But, I am fascinated with Jeremy nevertheless.  Think there are some social, cultural and economic aspects about his existence in the state of the evolving culture we’re in is very telling of who we are and where wer’e at in terms of our conscious evolution.

    So, for each of my posts, I will try to at least angle it from a certain perspective.  Much like receiving a book report in school, the teachers don’t want a rehash of the synopsis.  They want to see some critical thinking behind the report.  Similarly, I think that is one of my differentiations in attracting site visitors as well as encouraging a healthy debate.

    (pleasantly surprised that someone found this site well.)

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    I do agree that do make it extremely hard for Lin fans to find it. is available for bidding at $60 on godaddy.

    I think you are doing a great job and you are constantly reorganize this site to make it easy to navigate and use.  If the other site has a fighting section, then it wouldn’t escalate into such a big issue. Also, if the other site is this user friendly and has different sections for different interests, then I think people like me might not have left ( I left because the admin was a clone of CF owner). The design is great, but horrible domain name is an issue.  Where do you go from here? Wasn’t there a saying in Field of Dreams, “if you build it, he will come”?

    I used to think that you were a Literature or English professor at a university because you have a way with words. It’s not a surprise to see what you used to do for a living. It’s interesting you can pick up so many things by reading posts.

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