Play Room Session


First day my 4x ND filter arrived and thought to try it out when the sun was shining so beautifully into Ellis’ playroom.


DSC_5600 copy


She’s my impromptu model for the day.




Whether she likes it or not.


DSC_5604 copy


la la la


DSC_5615 copy


She likes to say “cho” quite often now.  (Cho means ball in chinese)


DSC_5628 copy


She somehow has a fascination with cho.


DSC_5629 copy


Plus a natural affinity to draw.


DSC_5630 copy


So far just a lot of squigly lines.


DSC_5631 copy


Sometimes, she’s a little shy.


DSC_5632 copy


Sometimes, distracted.


DSC_5637 copy


A connoisseur…


DSC_5641 copy


Of food and perhaps also of thespian.




Just have to wait and see.