Protected: The Gift

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  • Phonow

    Such a beautiful baby girl! She is lucky to have a daddy like you– the artistic, music-loving dad with the quirky sense of humor. She is in good hands w/you.

    You have had such a difficult childhood, and it makes me very sad. But through all of that, you have grown up to be a fine young man, with a beautiful family. Through the years ahead, I hope that you will read, and re-read your “gift” to your daughter. In fact, all parents should read your pledge– for it contains much wisdom.

    Sending much “wuv” to you and your family etane.

    • etane

      thanks for the kind words! wuvs right back at chu = P

  • Kpkafle

    Fatherhood was the best thing that happened to me in my life. I was blessed with a beautiful daughter as well. She was pretty much spoiled but she turned out pretty well since we were able to balance the spoilness out by teaching her humility and defining realistic expectations. We were not tiger parents but provided her with additional resources through tutoring if she needed it. We didn’t expect all A’s just improvement through hard work and responsibility was good enough for us. My daughter is now a freshman at LMU. She is a polite, respectful, independent and responsible adult. So far so good. I guess since we Americanized Asians you will need to find the correct balance between over protecting her and instilling independence by allowing to make decisions. And when she makes a mistake you need to point it out as a lesson and not out of anger.

    • etane

      thank you for the very nice note! i’d have to remember to come back to read this years down the road when there’s a predicament that might come up down the road.