Dragon Quest 8.5: Noncognitive Development


Dragon Quest 8 was one of my all time favorite games.  I bring this up because it’s a first person strategy game where you have to build up not only the protagonist’s strength but also his character in order to succeed in the game as it is filled with mini-arcs where you are asked to do favors for or have to ingratiate someone who doesn’t seem like likable at first.  But, that person ends up becoming very instrumental in providing you with key information or weapons for you to achieve your quest.

[Spoiler Alert] Unknown to Hero, the creative main character’s name, he was born of mixed blood, half human and half dragon.[/Spoiler Alert]  And, this explains why Hero is free from being tainted by contempt, defensiveness and withdraw from interaction.  But, for the rest of us humans, we were not born to be like dragon/human hybrids.  Or, maybe we were but it takes a lot of careful planning in order to become a dragon like Hero exemplified by such chart below:


social cultural context

The chart above is borrowed from this ancient manuscript on how to raise our children to be like dragons, or, in my case, snakes as that is the year my LS was born in.  Based on this manuscript, the right nutrients are:


And, with these nutrients, the little your little toddler can also grow wings and talons such as these described in this other ancient manuscript:

These include critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, emotional health, social skills, work ethic, and community responsibility. Also important are factors affecting personal relationships between students and teachers (closeness, affection, and open communication), self-control, self-regulation, persistence, academic confidence, teamwork, organizational skills, creativity, and communication skills.

According to this same manuscript, development’s temporal modeling and return on nurturing is varied for different types of development

Noncognitive skills are important predictors of cognitive performance, and cognitive skills are also influential in the level of noncognitive performance. The patterns over time suggest that the importance of noncognitive skills as a determinant of cognitive performance increases very little over the earlier grade levels, but steadily increases across the later grades. Meanwhile, the absolute importance of cognitive skills as a determinant of noncognitive skills significantly increases through the earlier grade levels (kindergarten through third), and then decreases in later grade levels (fifth through eighth).




“every aspect of early human development […] is affected by the environments and experiences that are encountered in a cumulative fashion, beginning in the prenatal period and extending throughout the early childhood years.”


Breaking this down, cognitive skill development will lead to temporary growth in cognitive skills.  But, noncognitive skill development will lead to long term growth in both cognitive and noncognitive skill developments.

Basically, if those mothers in Joy Luck Club focused more on their daughters’ noncognitive development instead of on them getting straight A’s and winning every chess tournament, those kids wouldn’t turn out to be such losers who end up quitting the chess club, end up shacking up with her ugly boss, pay for his ice cream and have to fly back to China to find her twin sister in order to find herself.

No, not my LS.


  • Phonow

    so sweet little LS is a water snake. :) quiet, alert, and intelligent. deepest thinker of all signs. charismatic and inquisitive. classic beauty.

    & a lucky little girl, who has a daddy that loves her so much!

    i always wonder about children of tiger moms– what percentage grow up feeling inadequate–no matter how successful they really are. Are they all like the daughters of JLC? in JLC did the daughters grow up weak because their fathers were almost non existent, because they had no one to balance out the criticism?

    here’s a video that touched me. this father allowed his daughter to reel in a fish on her own. he encouraged her, but fought off a natural instinct to help — even when his daughter asked. it takes wisdom to know when to back off and when to step in. by not helping, the father gifted his daughter self esteem.

    • http://etane.net/ etane

      My LS doesn’t like anyone helping her. Her fave phrase is “i do it myself”. That is until she’s tired. I feel good about that.

      And, does Amy Tan advocate for invisible males?

      • Phonow

        haha. little LS is an independent lady. good! but, it’s hard to be patient– esp when she’s putting on her clothes and you have to leave NOW. lol.

        don’t know if amy tan advocates for invisible males in real life– but in JLC, males were either weak or self-absorbed.

        • http://etane.net/ etane

          she doesn’t know how to put on her own clothing yet but she’s becoming picky about what she wears. mostly she likes to do her own walking around or up and down stairs instead of being helped or carried. it’s frustrating when in traffic areas but mostly this alleviates my worry that she doesn’t walk around enough usually.

          so you never read her other books? yah come to think of it, males in jlc are either ugly and useless or handsome and evil. no strong “alpha” males hahahha. well i guess russell wong character was alpha but.. not sure if amy meant it that way.

          • Phonow

            i think i started reading kitchen god’s wife… but it did not enrapture me like JLC. JLC was the first feature film that captured the asian-american experience. strangely enough, the film reminded me that i was asian american. lol. never thought too much about it before.

            re russell wong: outrageously handsome, but too metro male handsome for my taste. a real prick in the movie.

            lol. typical snake lady–she has her own sense of style. :)

            have a great weekend etane!

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            sucks. LS gave me her cold… two weekends ago… this one isn’t going away… ahhhhhh

          • Phonow

            bro in law has the coughing flu. did wide circles around him this weekend. lol.

            peeked at your new posts. gosh, little ls is growing up fast!

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            ok i think i am on the up swing finally.

            she’s growing out of her dresses really quickly during these past few months. daddy has to spend $$ to keep her wardrobe updated size wise.

          • Phonow

            get used to spending $$ on little ls’s dresses for the next…. 20 years+ years. :) do you give her a choice on what she wants. [haha. just noticed my question mark key does not work]

            glad you’re feeling better. are you back at work, or still “cough cough”

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            half the time i buy stuff when she’s not around or buy stuff online. the other half i pick something up at the store and show it to her first. if she doesn’t like it, she will pick it up and put it back on the hanger “where it belongs”.

            still coughing a bit.. tired.

            i just ordered some b12 supplements. i ordered some many years ago and it helped a bit. but they were mucho dinero back then. i checked prices again this morning and found prices are much more reasonable now.

          • Phonow

            Good girl! wish i could teach my hubbie to put back things where they belong. roll eyeballs.

            i remember “fighting” w/my dad over clothes. he wanted amish chic, i wanted something more suitable for the late 60′s. haha. hopefully, by the time LS is at the rebellion age, amish chic will be popular. ;)

            Arrrrgh. am coming down w/sniffles. never heard of using b12 to get over a cold. how does it help

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            wth is amish chic? reminds me fbi raided some cult combine like a decade ago… don’t think it was waco. and, the news crew filmed some kids wearing these cute cult uniforms. parents fell in love and the cult started making money selling kids clothing. i forgot which cult that was tho or i’d be able to provide a link.

            b12 is for overall energy level which leads to better immunity i suppose not sure how this works. i self diagnosed that i am b12 deficient. people without b12 deficiency wouldn’t benefit from taking in more b12 though.

          • Phonow

            are you thinking of david koresh–branch davidians? man, what kind of parents would dress their kids in clothes associated with a cult? meh… probably right wingers–they idolize anyone who defies the fed. government.

            lol. by amish chic, i meant –very modest clothing. hem below the knee, high neckline, & sleeved. this was during the late sixties, when hot pants, & mini skirts were the fashion.

            ate some (probably GMO) papaya for vit. C. i rarely take supplements anymore, although i should (esp. calcium). may have taken b12 when i was vegan… but not since. prefer food as medicine. eg. cinnamon for diabetes, tumeric for cancer, green and black tea brewed together (increases catachin), etc.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            i don’t think it was davidian which was in waco. yuo’re right why would parents wanna dress kids in cult clothing. but they were actually kinda cute in a provincial private schoolish sorta way..

            similar to this but not quite: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2989160/The-family-14-fled-secretive-Christian-cult-promises-protect-followers-evils-outside-world-history-sexual-abuse-refuses-use-birth-control.html

            yah i read vegans are b12 deficient but that’s cuz they don’t eat food that has b12 whereas some people lack b12 because they have a certain gene mutation or have some other issues either digestive or immuno.

          • Phonow


            yes, those uniforms are cute. but as a kid, i would hate wearing something like that. too constrictive.

            don’t know if you’re into food as medicine, but this is a neat video on it:

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            it’s not that i don’t believe in food as medicine… but going gluten free is already impossible for more than a few days at a time haha. i saw some documentary about how cancer cures out outlawed by whatever fda and whatever medical associations because of profit.. and lately there were these alternative cancer cure researchers “disappeared”.

          • Phonow

            i haven’t been paying much attention to the gluten free diet. although i notice “gluten free” foods everywhere on store shelves. i kind of classified it with Atkinson’s, or eat right for your type diet–a bit fringy for me.

            But i remember you saying that it helped you a lot, and i know it is important for celiac sufferers. i guess what i considered fringy is a life-saver for others.

            i guess i look at new diets, and if it is easily incorporated in my eating habits, i use it. If it is not easy, i ignore it lol. Hubbie is diabetic w/high blood pressure. So, it pretty much means he can’t eat anything that humans consider yum (fat, salt, sugar).

            hope that the documentary on alternative cancer cures is not true. but some people will do anything for $$$$, and i can see that happening. but it works both ways… too many quacks are coming out with alternative cancer cures (the Dr. Oz syndrome). Everybody wants to make a buck on human fears/suffering.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            yah i don’t know what it is about gluten that makes me less well. according to the author who argues against gluten that everyone is to a degree suffers from celiac and some other contributors are the dna in prevalent types of corn is less digestible and that insecticide currently used on corn stays in the body for a long time.

            just stopped at jl.net and read that interview of peter by the site. did you also read peter’s interview by nathan gottlieb? it’s like they interviewed two completely different people.

          • Phonow

            and most of the corn (and soy) we eat is gmo. was the pesticide Round Up? Monsanto product, same people who brought us agent orange.

            the only interview i could find by Gottlieb was his interview with Doc Scheppler (not Peter D). Damn why can’t those three (Nat, Peter & Doc) have asian names? can’t spell their names at all.

            mod’s interview w/peter did not tell us anything new. but it was nice to have someone who actually converses with Lin to confirm what we believed. Laffy taffy was the biggie.

            interesting to see people’s reactions to hairston starting. to me, would have been great to see JL start, but would rather people be patient. strangely enough, KH is the most mellow of the bunch. lol

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            i think all corn in the US is gmo… even those farmers who TRY to grow non-GMO gets their crop contaminated with GMO seeds.

            Yah It was Shepp.. I think.. too lazy to check.

            i do not believe lin is into laffy taffy.

            doesn’t surprise me that kh is mellow when lin doesn’t start.

          • Phonow

            yeah. same with papaya in hawaii–cross contamination. even the seeds that UH sells as “organic/non-gmo” was shown to be contaminated.

            why are you not surprised that kh is mellow?

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            cuz he only likes white basketball players like freddete, psycho t, bird and mcloser.

          • Phonow

            lol. never noticed. but now that you mention it…..

            actually, my heart has warmed a little to kh. he cooks & gave me a chuck roast recipe on jl.net. any man that cooks is bumped up a little on my scale. haha.

            my latest pet peeve is steveprost. he is well respected by others on the board. but gawd, he is so full of himself– not in the oblivious way that kh is, but rather, like a stuffy old English lit professor.

            btw. go to sleep.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            a way to a women’s heart is thru her …. rump?

            i don’t know who steveprost is.. maybe i saw his sn in passing but didn’t pay attention.

            jennylin has some good posts tho i am sure she is a he. joe as usual has good stuff.

            yah i was up pretty late lastnight for an old man… head hurts now… wish i can still be in bed.. actually… *cough cough*

          • Phonow

            take a power nap under your desk. :) cough cough.

            i like jennylin too. and, it has crossed my mind that she was a guy. she has a “direct” way of expressing herself. then again, she could be a diesel dyke. not that there is anything wrong with that. lol

            steveprost is the guy who writes excruciatingly long essays– a lot of times, with no paragraph breaks. he has used stream of consciousness as a literary style. barf. Someone gave him hints on how to make his points more accessible. SP then defined the “style” he was using to convey his message. LOL. Lame.

            nah. food is the way to my heart. rump is the way to other people’s hearts. :)

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            lin is a great role model because i disagree with 95%, lin can’t be an all star but he will prove everyone wrong with his grit and affable personality. it’s not that hard to write what he’s trying to say more succinctly….

            oh here we’re talking about grit again which we have run full circle on the blog’s subject matter hahhaa

          • Phonow

            THAT is why i loved your posts. succinct/cogent. (and oftentimes, biting lol)

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            he and kh both use someone else’s blog/forum to showcase their “freestyle” haha.

          • Phonow

            hahaha. miss your posts on jl.net. you used to cut through so much bullsh*t in one (s)wipe.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            just saw the box score and read that the hornets is starting a D league team this year as well as starting pj hairston at sg. the jeremy lin effect is still in effect even in charlotte haha.

          • Phonow

            you can imagine the meltdown jl.net had when hairston was announced. when the board goes nuts, i mostly lurk & break out the popcorn.

            With the way that JL has been playing, i am hoping that he will get to start soon. Then again, what do i know. I am an idiot LOF.

            Dan Cohen (jl.net) is posing a question:

            “why is it ok to say batum, the frenchman..
            as oppose to not to say, lin, the chinaman?

            I heard the broadcaster say freshman.
            Why is chinaman, so derogratory?”

            Do you remember where he is from? Don’t know if he is sincere, or just trolling. He is also getting into “nibblenese” vs Japanese, lol.

            I remember Maknusia (portal) said “JL likes Japs” (the conversation was about JL going to sushi bars) i was waiting for someone to politically correct him, but no one did. others just spelled out “Japanese.” in their replies.

            It’s like “flips” being an okay term in some areas, and derogatory elsewhere.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            because of the way the terms are used? frenchman has a positive connotation whereas chinaman has a negative one such as “not a china man’s chance” of course it’s all how you decide the language is used which is not something the chinks over at jl.net is comfortable with. they used to go to town whenever i used chink.

            just because you like japs doesn’t mean you like raw fish… does it?

          • Phonow

            i am the type to flinch whenever chinaman/chink, flip, jap, N, is used. i agree that context is everything– eg. when a comedian uses those words in a joke.

            But, it disturbs me when people use these words purely for shock value– just for the sake of getting a rise out of someone. It is a cheap shot/an easy joke. Smaaaart people needn’t resort to that. There are many ways of getting a rise out of someone without it.

            That being said, this Jap really loves raw fish. ;)

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            damn u sure pay attention to what kh says haha.. and i pay attention to what basketball players he likes…

            yah context is everything. i remember watching some debate over …..

            i am on sarah’s side. that aoki guy seems to be attention seeking.

          • Phonow

            In the “battle” against racism, you have to be careful to choose when to fight. In this case, I resent the media offering air time to a “weak” battle. Silverman has more leeway because she is a comedian. Aoki was at disadvantage from the start.

            imo, Aoki had no choice but to appear on Pol Incorrect because it is one of the few times that mainstream media allowed a dialog on anti asian racism. Aoki tried to change the subject to Real racism (Kenneth Chu), but was slapped down by Maher as using a “cheap political trick to link that horrific crime to a joke.” The dialog was rigged from the start– & bam! Maher got to use his gavel.

            lol. mo-in law invited us to a Maher new years show. i said nope, he is a racist. I am upset at him for bashing Muslims (his latest spiel). Mo-in-law was taken aback because I rarely speak up about anything. I can just imagine the conversations happening behind my back. lol.

            re kh: lol. since i don’t know bb, i pay attention to personalities & non bb dialog. :)

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            you know how israel uses the holocaust to get people to support israel? i think the same that aoki is using discrimination against asians to get people to support his cause. he’s not speaking up for that chinese guy who was murdered. he’s using it to support himself.

            it’s not racism to talk about racism. the aoki guy is pretty much preventing people to talk about race subject matter which actually makes racism worse which will in effect make himself seem more important as the champion who will protect asians from whitey… yeah whatever. that black girl is playing the race card too.

            i disagree with some of the stuff maher said about muslims too but he’s against all religions actually.

          • Phonow

            I’m not familiar with Aokl’s organization. –did a quickie google on Media Action Network -appears pretty small. you may be right about Aoki using the Silverman joke for publicity. on the other hand, i think that maher was setting up aoki for a fall.

            The joke “controversy” did not warrant a segment on his show. To me, Maher decided to air it because aoki’s argument was weak, and served to prove that asians are whining about nothing. There is a constant drum beat in the media that asians are a joke. And to me, asians should call out those comments as it happens. But, silverman’s comment was small, and a small response suffices. Not an entire segment on a show.

            out of curiosity, what do you think of Angry Asian Man?

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            i think maher wanted to give silvermann who is probably a close friend a chance to debate aoki to defend herself from aoki’s attacks which he used to garner publicity. i also think maher was defending comedy from improper usage of poltical correctness rather than actually setting aoki to fail.

            i know of angry asian man but i never actually read anything of his… is it a nest for asian men with unfulfilled dreams and identity crisis?

          • Phonow

            lol. i dislike maher, so perhaps i see him in the worst light possible. i continue to see him as airing this segment because Aoki’s argument was weak. In the same way, he bashes muslims right now, because they are weak.

            Strange–i am not sure if the site has changed– i thought it was much “angrier” in the past–i may have the wrong site. Currently, AAA just posts the latest news re asian matters (racist or not). Not much commentary.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            maybe he’s not that angry anymore.

            maher has said some stuff i really disagreed with in the past. but i agree with 80% of the stuff he says.

            he loves hilary. i seem them as two sides of the same coin. i don’t know how you feel about hilary but she doesn’t go too far from mainstream regarding the opinions she expresses in public and same goes for maher.

            perhaps he doesn’t want another show of his to be shut down. his previous show was shut down for something he said.. i forgot what.

          • Phonow

            iirc, it was canceled because he said something regarding 9-11– anti bush/war??? something like that.

            edit: looked it up: he made a remark about how the terrorists on 9-11 were not cowardly. we were cowardly in shooting missiles from 2000 miles away.

            oh, and i should confess that i never watch the entire show– i only watch youtube bits– anything with Maher & Islam/Muslim. so, my thinking is rather skewed. lol

            re hillary– i’ll probably end up voting for her because she can win. my heart is with Sanders.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            yup he refuses to talk about 911 now. in fact he calls those who do wanna talk about 9/11 conspiracy loons. probably not what he believes in but something he has to do in order to keep his show.

            i like hilary but she’s wallstreet.

          • Phonow

            i’ve forgotten about his old show being canceled until you mentioned it. gotta watch out for the livelihood. but, heart warmed a little for maher. forgot that he spoke out against the war when America was all “rah rah.”

            and, hillary is wallmart. :)

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            not even hilary spoke out against the war not that i remember but wiki said she did. i recall she supported and signed the iraq resolution but wiki doesn’t support that..


            ok i was right, hilary was for the war.


          • Phonow

            lol. your entire site was inaccessible for a while. hillary’s camp is messing with you.

            It is getting slow in here– so i will respond in Milan(2).

          • Phonow

            KH being KH:

            “My friends call me “Chinaman”.

            I sometimes call myself “Chinaman”.

            I’ve been violently flamed by Asians for calling myself “Chinaman”.

            China + man = Chinaman.

            What’s the big whoop?”

          • Phonow

            haha. found the steveprost post i despise:

            SP: Best role model, and the potential to (like the Linsanity days) be the
            best sports story in the NBA compared to consensus expectations and
            projected ceiling for Lin (e.g., disagree with the 95% consensus of
            smart guys and think he can be a starting PG on a championship contender
            in the next 5 yrs or a top 3 PG in the NBA), I still believe… but he
            is never going to be best in the NBA, that would be cheating by God in
            writing this screenplay… part of the joy of seeing him achieve what I
            think he has potential (by skill and work-ethic-character) would be
            seeing so many ‘experts’ eat crow… it would be very fulfilling to see
            someone after these years of mistreatment achieve having a platform for
            Christianity too, who is not too preachy about it but would be a
            demonstration of character without blustery bravado-machismo so typical
            in the NBA, and a demonstration of faith and leadership, also
            outstanding for race relations to see a team of largely
            african-americans agreeing with his greatness and leadership… thats
            what keeps me reading this story page by page, hope it doesn’t just
            peter out like some TV series that start strong and suspenseful but
            devolve into mediocrity

            ka369: wow. that is one long sentence.


            the multiple elipses and parantheses connote a lack of intentionality to
            write in formal paragraph-sentence form… just a series of somewhat
            connected thoughts… freestyle… The apostle Paul and many before
            Hemmingway-copying-20th Century writers model loooong thoughts/sentences

  • Phonow

    remember post i made a while back about “shay shay?” lol first chinese words Hornets teammates learned.