Catching Up


Trying to play catch up with some media due to me being derelict on duty. Presentation of somewhat recent excursions in anachronological order.


DSC01320 DSC01358 DSC01367


We were in San Diego a few months back and tried to get tickets to get on the Midway. However, we were not able to attain tickets and were only able to view the ship from shore. That’s a downer after a 2 hour drive. This made up for it. The ship was more impressive than I thought and has more historical significance than I anticipated particularly the FDR connection.


DSC01453 DSC01452
We climbed about 5 flights of stairs and got to see the various quarters from seamen, captain, general and to where FDR stayed while on the ship embarking to Europe post WW2.


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iowaOverlooking the birdge

Practicing swimming in case of man overboard:


PlayOvercoming fear of floating

Once upon a time in Riverside:

DSC00740 DSC00770 DSC00774 IMG_6846  Dishing out the dishes…

IMG_6850Cafe Seville