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Preseason Game 1 vs New Orleans Pelicans

Jeremy pointed out he needs to work on his lobs to Dwight Howard which is kind of weird to me. First of all, he excelled at throwing lobs to Tyson Chandler while he was in NY. And, he did have a 2 day work out with Dwight in Colorado where The Dream said they make a deadly combination. I guess Jeremy gave Asik too many easy to catch bounce passes last year and now it’s hard to break out of that habit.

Albeit, Jeremy did throw two lobs. One was about a foot too high to Dwight. The other was to Terence Jones who had awful positioning under the rim and couldn’t get any elevation. Seriously not sure whether Terence is trying to be a power forward or a small forward/shooting guard.

Overall, I think the espn highlight is very telling. Only Rockets highlights through the whole video. But, final score is 116-115 PELICANS. If I didn’t watch the game, I’d be terribly confused.

Well, Rockets were leading in points through 98% of the game. Perhaps this is a sign of A New Age in Houston where we have a lot of stars, a lot of high lights but not a lot of Ws? Let’s just hope the rotation implemented by McHale is only for preseason.

Rockets with Asik and Smith out of the game simply didn’t have the muscles in the paint to stop NO’s bigs while Dwight was on the bench. Rockets, A New Age and all, was more sparkle than blast off.

Note regarding Lin’s 4 TOs: I only saw 3 of them. One was legit where I think it was Davis who smacked the ball away from Lin at the perimeter. The other two were above the rims lobs that didn’t connect. One was too high to Howard. The other one Jones wasn’t ready to anticipate and failed to elevate.

Edit: the 4th TO was a travel call which I think is bogus.

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Evolving Thoughts on Jeremy Lin

Vis-a-vis Patrick Beverley, Jeremy Lin is the better point guard both in absolute terms and in terms of synergy with Houston and especially with Dwight Howard.  Lin is much more proficient at dishing the basketball to bigs inside the paint…

Jeremy Lin’s The Key

Best article I’ve read about Jeremy Lin since forever. Here are some excerpts: It’s hard to argue when Rockets general manager Daryl Morey calls Howard and Harden “two of the Top 10 players in the league” (sorry Dwyane Wade, it’s…

Houston Rockets Media Day


Friday marked the end of off-season anticipation for the Houston Rockets, and a return to normalcy in some ways. Unlike any recent media days, Friday afternoon was filled with a buzz and excitement that had been lacking in the Toyota…

How Faith Kept Jeremy Lin Strong Through Success and Failure

The Christian Post Film Review

Part of the movie’s charm, in fact, is its ability to balance the different facets of Lin’s personality, without bombarding the audience with trivia. Indeed, “Linsanity” spends substantive time exploring Lin’s Chinese and Taiwanese heritage, his relationships with his two brothers, and in particular how his faith accompanies and maintains him in each and every up and down of his basketball journey.

“Linsanity” is fundamentally not about how Jeremy Lin shocked the world by playing extraordinary basketball in February last year. No, it’s about a man who pours himself into his sport and in the midst of racial slurs, perpetually finding his talent overlooked, two professional teams releasing him, and an astonishing and unprecedented month in the NBA, chooses to find God over and over again.

I hope it’s not another “Battle Field Earth”.

At the red carpet…